Friday, July 8, 2011


Now we are in jeopardy if we go outside the United States?
We can't go jet skiing on a lake connected to Mexico without being attacked!
What difference does killing a Murderer make?
Subscribing to this rhetoric is dangerous in itself, we are giving away our rights as a country if we let people like this now dead Piece of Shit get away with murder!

It should be known to all people of the world that if you come here and Kill, rape, or break any laws you will pay accordingly.

letting them know otherwise, would seem to invite more rape, murder, and crime.

Fuck Mexico, Viva America Bitches.

If the Obama administration's Solicitor-General is to be believed then the State of Texas has just caused "irreparable harm" to America's foreign relations. And if you also heed the warnings of numerous US diplomats and ex-military officials, then it has also jeopardized the safety of countless Americans overseas.

How has it done this? By executing Humbero Leal Garcia, a Mexican national whose case had been ordered reviewed by the International Court of Justice.

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