Sunday, October 2, 2011

700 arrested on Brooklyn Bridge after protest

What the hell do they want?
Nobody knows.
When do they want it?

I've never been to N.Y. But I've heard about it's supposed toughness.

I can only imagine that if these nitwits start interfering in the everyday New Yorkers Life, they may end up getting their ass's kicked.

Protesting is one thing, interfering in working peoples lives, not so good.

USA Today

More than 700 protesters demonstrating against corporate greed, global warming and social inequality, among other grievances, were arrested Saturday after they swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge and shut down a lane of traffic for several hours in a tense confrontation with police.

They sleep on air mattresses, use Mac laptops and play drums. They go to the bathroom at the local McDonald's. A few times a day, they march down to Wall Street, yelling, "This is what democracy looks like!"
It all has the feel of a classic street protest with one exception: It's unclear exactly what the demonstrators want.

"When all the bailout money was spent on bonuses and stuff everyone was outraged, but no one did anything because no one feels like they can," protester Jesse Wilson, 22, said this week when asked to take articulate the cause. "It's time for us to come together to realize we are the masses, and we can make things happen."
But he couldn't say what, exactly, he wanted to happen. Handmade signs carried by some of the demonstrators — "Less is More" and "Capitalism is evil" — hardly make it clearer.

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