Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Taliban Using Modern Means to Add to Sway

No cell phones for you, especially at night.

This is what happens when you let a gang get their way, you end up with the Taliban, it is directly the fault of the afghan government and its people that things are the way they are in Afghanistan and even Pakistan.

Would you sit by and allow some dickhead to tell you what you gotta do, who you have to listen to, when you have to pray, who you can pray to, what you can wear, who you can date(or do!)when you can talk on your cell phone, no you would not.

The Taliban feels they are allowed to do this to all the people within their reach, using their religion as a weapon to do it(Their Beliefs). if they would have been put in their place years ago this would not be happening now!

New York Times
Punctually, at 8 o’clock every evening, the cellphone signals disappear in this provincial capital. Under pressure from the Taliban, the major carriers turn off their signal towers, effectively severing most of the connections to the rest of the world.

This now occurs in some portion of more than half the provinces in Afghanistan, and exemplifies the Taliban’s new and more subtle ways of asserting themselves, even as NATO generals portray the insurgents as a diminished force less able to hold ground. The question is whether the Taliban need to hold territory as they once did in order to influence the population. Increasingly, it seems, the answer is no.

Tactics like the cellphone offensive have allowed the Taliban to project their presence in far more insidious and sophisticated ways, using the instruments of modernity that they once shunned. The shutoff sends a daily reminder to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Afghans that the Taliban still hold substantial sway over their future.

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