Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Truck bomb kills dozens in capital of Somalia

Dozens of kids and their parents were killed while trying to register for scholarships at a university!

Yep that will teach the Somali Government and the AU peacekeepers !

(And they vow to follow through with more large scale attacks)

Al Qaida, A misguided gang of retards.
Islam A Misguided religion of retards.
Al-Qaida-linked militants launched their deadliest single bombing in Somalia on Tuesday, killing 70 people and demonstrating how the group that blocked aid to famine victims can still mount devastating violence even after most of its fighters fled the capital in August.

A truck loaded with drums of fuel exploded outside the Ministry of Education on one of central Mogadishu's busiest streets, where students and their parents were registering for scholarships offered by the Turkish government.

Rebels of the al-Shabab militant group immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing, saying it was striking government officials and foreigners -- referring to African Union peacekeeping troops supporting the U.N.-backed regime.

Although the Islamic fighters made what they called a "tactical withdrawal" from their bases in Mogadishu amid an AU offensive in August, they had vowed to carry out devastating suicide attacks.

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