Saturday, November 5, 2011

Colombian Officials Say Top FARC Leader Killed

Colombias President Juan Manuel Santos would like Farc to disband now that their leader has been killed.
they probably will not and they probably had a second in command who is now the top dog in the militant group.
As usual, Too much money is to be made from the drug wars to stop dealing.

The top leader of Colombia's main rebel group, the bookish ideologue Alfonso Cano, was killed Friday in a military bombing attack in the country's southwest, authorities said.
"The fingerprints matched," said one senior security official who confirmed the death, adding that Cano was killed in "a standard military operation" in Cauca state. The official spoke on condition he not be further identified.
Cano, the 53-year-old head of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, had been the top target of Colombian authorities since September 2010, when they killed the insurgency's military chief, Mono Jojoy, also in a bombing raid.

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