Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ann Arbor illegal immigrant jailed after protest at Sen. McCain's office

So a Gay Iranian Muslim , who is an Illegal Immigrant , decides to protest and gets his ass thrown in jail for breaking the law !
Now he faces Deportation , But back to Iran ?
If Iran gets him they will already Know that he is Gay , And he will be Hanged !
Maybe this Dumbass Should have thought about that before he decided to get Arrested , And it would not be because of Arizona's immigration law ! It is because you are not supposed to be in this country ILLEGALLY !

A Muslim illegal immigrant from Ann Arbor who fears deportation to Iran because he is gay is in jail today after leading a sit-in protest Monday inside the office of Sen. John McCain over Arizona's new immigration law. Tonight in Detroit, a vigil for him is to be held in Clark Park.

Mohammad Abdollahi, 24, of Ann Arbor was one of a group of protesters who were arrested Monday at the Tucson, Ariz., offices of McCain after trespassing and sitting in the office in protest of the Arizona law targeting illegal immigrants. He could now face deportation proceedings.

A spokeswoman for McCain, Brooke Buchanan, said today that their office gave the protesters leeway and did not immediately call the police when they arrived at the office with an attorney. McCain's office let them even stay inside the office one hour past closing time.

Buchanan said that McCain is committed to immigration reform, but the U.S. must first secure its borders. McCain has called for the National Guard to be deployed on the southern border to stem a rising tide of violence.

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