Monday, May 17, 2010

Thirty-two Taliban killed in Orakzai air strike, clashes

And this week starts off with a successful air strike from the Pakistani Military !
32 more of Allah's precious "Boys" have gone to get their Male Virgins !

KALAYA: Military planes and helicopter gunships bombed suspected Taliban positions in different areas of Orakzai on Sunday, killing 32 militants and injuring 18 others.

(According to AP, the air strikes and assault by ground forces killed 58 suspected militants in the agency.)

Sources said that the targets were bombed in Wali Qamer, Gujar Kali, Hassan Zai and Teramgi areas.

Official sources said that 10 hideouts of terrorists were destroyed in the air strikes.

However, Taliban spokesman Hafiz Saeed denied the casualty reports and claimed that a few supporters had suffered injuries.

Officials said that planes and helicopter gunships bombed Taliban positions in Dabori area, killing 15 insurgents and injuring 10 others.

Four terrorist dens were destroyed. During the operation launched two months ago, security forces have cleared several areas, but they are still facing resistance in some areas.

Sounds like some more Air Strikes are in order !

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